Technology Maintenance Telecom is an Egyptian Company established in 2017. Is specialized in the field of information technology providing total solutions.

Technology Maintenance Telecom provides its customers with Journals work with publishers in print and electronic Journals in any field, Books: work with publishers in print and electronic Journals in any field, Smart Board, Scanner, Projectors and Software Solution. 

  • Help a customer decide what product or service would be suitable for their needs (printed, online or DVD Periodicals- e-books – e-learning – Restoration tools –Liberian Furniture).
  • Communicate verbally and in writing to answer inquiries and provide information.
  • Handling general questions and also understand the customer's problems and resolve complaint.
  • Interface with other internal departments to resolve customer's problems.
  • Follow up on customer inquiries not immediately resolved.
  • Opening new contracts with the new customers.
  • Issuing invoices and statements.
  • Open an account with the required documents and papers.
  • Serving clients and provide with their daily execution.
  • Providing users with appropriate support and advice.
  • Managing crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems.
  • Organize and coordinate meetings, conferences, travel arrangements.
  • Mentoring and training new ICT support staff.




To build Customers value by delivering products, services and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, and cost containment in our industry.

Provide products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers. 

We are a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers, produces predictable earnings for our shareholders, and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.




Our vision is to see farther, to seek out competitive advantages for our clients through the innovative use of technology; and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity.
Nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet / E-learning / Digital Services - universal access to research and education, full participation in culture — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.




Client first, quality first and reputation first" is our company vision that steers our business towards ultimate success. We sincerely hope to offer full solution and any help to each of our potential client and to build a prosperous future with them. Your satisfaction is always our first priority.
Following a (Diversification) strategy will create new products for new markets, as it is starting up a new technology service for the customer.
TMT will keen on attending exhibitions and fairs that takes place locally and internationally to promote its products and services worldwide and to enlarge its client's base.
The events in which will attended are the annual Cairo Book fair, the Egyptian Library Association (ELA) annual conference organized by ACML, the Arab Federation for Library Associations and Institutions (AFLA) Annual Conference, the Annual Conference for Electronic Publishing.




-Developing the old system for the companies and schools.
-Represent good services with low prices and Satisfaction all the custom And Maintain positive, steady, growth each month.
-Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.
-Realize a growth strategy of one store per year.
-Active the highest percentage of sales.

The first year objective:

Aware 40 % of the customer with our product (schools, companies and training centers Oil and Gas companies). In addition, the task will be go directly to target people to make preparations.

The second year objective:

Aware 60 %  of the customers with our product: task will be increase the sales team and opening new branches all over the countries.
•        Active the highest percentage.
•        Increase the customer service and technical support teams.
      The third year objective:
•        Aware 80 % of the customer with our product: the task will be increase the sales team and the branches and the technical support, improve Service approach for new and existing customer and increase customer retention.

Web Design

Website are important markting tool



TMT can provide you all kind of bortable scanner



TMT can provide you printed and electronic Journals in any field



TMT can provide you print and electronic Books in any field


Software Solution

TMT can provide you all you think about software solution



TMT can provide you all kind of smart board



TMT can provide you with a distinctive databases in several field.



TMT can provide you all you need in seuraty systems


Our Skills

E-Larning Services






Securaty Systems


Software Solution





Market Segmentation


Geographic All Alexandria and Cairo Area.

Social class Working class – middle class – upper middle Lifestyle Thinkers.
professional and technical, managers.
high school graduate/ Universities/ Oil companies.
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